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Curating hair-raising online experiences through nuanced strategy & design




"The self-proclaimed Felicity Smoak of Brand & Web Design"

1. Having great power, influence, or effect. "Thrones were potent symbols of authority"

2. What potent means to me in terms of web design is to be powerful enough to leave an impression & intoxicating enough to plant itself into the mind of your potential customer.


1. Remarkably or impressively great in extent, size or degree. "Perfecting a craft takes a prodigious amount of dedication"

2. What prodigious means to me in a copywriting sense is to have exceptional translation of your core business into words that capture your message in a breathtaking way.

"The self-proclaimed Felicity Smoak of online design"

Meet the team*

A multi-disciplinary creative who loves statistics (yes, you read that right). I aim to bring together the field of in-depth academic research and creativity to provide a unique service that offers a diverse and serene experience for you and your business.

If I'm not at my laptop working or designing, you will most likely find me searching for the nearest Vida (I have yet to find a place that makes better dirty chai latte's); writing poetry or advocating for an equal place in this world (because it's long overdue, right!?).

Forever a student. Forever a wanderer. 

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Founder &  Creative Director


Copywriter & Bringer of Wine

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I don't really believe in personality tests, because I don't believe that you can fit every single human into one set of defined rules. But, I once found out that I am an INFJ.

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My basecamp is definitely my home - which I share with my fiancé and our two beautiful rescue doggos! We both LOVE cooking, wine and entertaining our friends and family.

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Okay, are you ready for a weird AF fact? So many people have judged me for this lol! I love drinking orange juice right after brushing my teeth! It's literally and admittedly so strange, but true! 

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I have a Master's degree in programme evaluation and a background in psychology - and I base a lot of my work on the knowledge and skills gained throughout my studies!

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I get my inspiration from soooo many things - but the main aspects are Greek mythology (it helps that my partner is into this too!), the moon. (I have a tattoo about this on my back), and writing! 

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I write poetry. 


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